Our Mission Statement

Cat Café UK is on a mission to make people feel better.
We believe that somehow, cats can help us physically, mentally and emotionally.

Research has shown that hearing a cat purr can lower your blood pressure and stroking a cat can slow your heart rate. So by stopping, resting, and watching, it is Cat Café’s aim to enable people to become more mindful and present in their day-to-day lives. In essence, it is our ambition to encourage the people of Britain’s greatest cities to be more cat.

What do we mean by be more cat? Cats know how to relax.
They sleep for up to eighteen hours a day and while awake live in the moment. Cats put themselves first. They excel at self-love. It seems we could have a lot to learn from our feline friends.

Our aim is to have a Cat Café in every major city of the UK. We want our logo to symbolise a sanctuary, a safe space in an increasingly busy and digital world. In essence, we are creating a symbiotic relationship between feline and human, demonstrating and teaching the highest standards of cat care while helping people with mental illness and autism access animal assisted therapy.

And is there really a need for this?
Yes. Because today people are busier than they ever have been before.

It’s no secret that highly domesticated pets require around the clock care and attention. As people are becoming busier, their pets are becoming bored. House cats need constant stimuli to keep them happy. They need to hunt, to play, and to socialise with other cats and humans to lead truly satisfying feline lives.

Cat Café bridges this gap. Now you can be busy, and share a cat. You can go out every night of the week and your cat will be looked after twenty-four hours of the day. Because our cats are your cats.

Our aim is to create relaxed and peaceful spaces, free from stress, where cats and humans can come alongside each other and rest. We are an escape. A safe haven.

Cat Café can give you a new perspective, it can make you present, and it can refresh and heal an urban soul.