Book Club

Hey there, fellow bookworms and cat lovers! Have you heard about the monthly book club event at Cat Cafe Liverpool? It's an absolute purr-fect gathering for those who enjoy a good read and can't resist the charm of furry feline friends.

A cat on a table in a cafe with it's head in the pages of a book

Picture this: you settle into the cosy sofas at the cafe, armed with a cup of coffee and our book of the month. All around you, adorable cats roam freely, lending a paw or two as they curl up beside you. As the discussions kick off, you dive into conversations about the chosen book of the month, sharing your thoughts, insights, and maybe even some laughs.

A ginger cat curled up awake sat on a big grey arm chair, next to a book that is propped up against him

So, if you fancy spending quality time with both books and cats, don't miss out on the monthly book club event at Cat Cafe Liverpool. It's a delightful experience that'll leave you with warm memories, new friendships, and an even deeper appreciation for the wonderful intersection of literature and feline company.

Make sure you book ahead in advance to secure your spot. You can do this here -


A pale grey tartan armchair with a fluffy grey and white cat curled up on it with a book propped up next to them